This may sound crazy to some, but I believe that daily affirmations really work. This is something my mom always told me about but I wrote it off, before I realized that a positive thought process and daily routine can really shape the outcome of your everyday life. They say that what you think can help you speak positive things into reality, so here are my key affirmations. Stick to them every morning and speak them out loud before starting your day (before you check your phone, social networks, etc.) I really believe that they can make all the difference and start the day right.

  • Stop negative self talk (or at LEAST lessen it…I do complain a lot and talk shit which is not cute)
  • Be your own biggest cheerleader
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Meditate and/or exercise on a daily basis to get centered
  • Remind yourself about your uniqueness (this is critical)
  • Eat well and stay fit
  • Forgive yourself and others as best you can
  • Get out of your own way (most of the times we are our own biggest obstacle)
  • Write down your goals and note your progress.
  • Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful!

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