Cut Off

I believe my basis for my unwavering understanding, patience, and positive outlook is being raised by a very supportive and generally family. Despite everything that has happened in my life I am still always able to see the good in people, no matter what they do. While I always saw this as a good thing, I realize it is certainly more of a handicap than anything as I see how, like many people, I have been taken advantage of. 

I have never been a fan of burning bridges. But after much thought it is clear that despite what I was raised to think, most people simply do not deserve more than one chance, and it is best to let unsatisfying relationships end. It is important to take time to just evaluate those in your circle and cut off any weak ends. These are the questions I have been asking myself to help me out:

  • Do the people around me make me more miserable than they make me happy?
  • Do the people around me add to my life in a positive and constructive way?
  • Are the relationships with these people one sided or equally reciprocated in terms of effort and support?
  • What do these people bring to your life that you cannot get from anywhere else?

A close friend told me that forgiveness is not a right, its a privilege, and this is something I finally understand. There is only so much an individual can take, and this year I am doing myself a favor and being a little selfish. So with that, it’s time for some of you to go.


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