PIsces Season

Anyone who knows me (well) knows that I am a huge fan astrology. I may not believe in much, but my mom has successfully transferred her love of star signs over to me. My apologies to all my friends.

The 19th of February marks the beginning of Pisces season, and I always become much more in tune with myself and my goals around this time. I never thought I actually fit in the description of a Pisces, until I really sat back and thought about it. We are romantic, deep-thinkers who are easily riled up and love retreating to our personal space. We are mysterious and it takes a lot to really know us. We are BIG dreamers and day dream often. We are devoted, relaxed, and appeal to the emotional side of people…making even the most guarded person soften up just a little bit. We value relationships and want the best for those around us, often leaving us to put others before ourselves. I have just now noticed these characteristics even though I was born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, leaving me with traces of both (very different) signs. 

Some people love cars, I love astrology (though I also love cars). I don’t believe we should all live by the star sign rules but I have yet to meet someone who can convince me this whole concept doesn’t have some practical-real-life application. And sure maybe it is not logical or even real, but we all need something to be nerdy and obsessed over right? 

If you’re interested, go to elle.com where you can get your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes.

Happy birthday fellow Pisces ladies. xo


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