School Daze

Every Saturday you can find hundreds of Miami students “beating the clock”…which essentially entails getting drunk all day and into the evening. Unhealthy and slightly insane? Yes. Brilliant and awesome? You bet.

Starting at 1 PM at Brick Street you can buy a pitcher of Natty Light for $1, as well as other drink specials. At 2 PM, the price goes up to $2, $3 at 3 PM, and so on. By 4, everyone moves over to The Woods equivalent, “Broken Clock”. There you can enjoy the politically incorrect but delicious 40 oz “Redskin” (gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, grenadine, and sour mix) for $6 and essentially see everyone you ever met. Who says alcohol was only for the evenings?

You kind of have to be here to get it. Otherwise we just look like crazy college students. Oh wait, we are.

Happy Saturday!




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