Home Comforts

Sitting in the back of my car on a long ride back to New York, my mind is in a state of shock. Graduation weekend was a complete whirlwind and it hasn’t hit me yet that my days in Ohio are over. It’s hard not to reminisce about the days that have only recently come to an end.

But on the other hand, I can’t help but think of the life that awaits me at home. While nothing is certain, I am guaranteed a few home comforts: little things that I missed at school and can now enjoy again (on a more permanent basis!) We all have those things at home that just can’t be replaced by anything else, and being away at college makes us appreciate them even more.

1. Variety. This is definitely something I have been looking forward to on multiple levels. Coming from a school in a small college town surrounded by miles of corn fields, I am excited to get back to a place that offers diversity in every aspect of life from people, activities, environments, and sites. I developed a very safe and predictable routine in college, and while I enjoyed it I am ready to get back to spontaneity and adventure on a different level. I’m truly lucky to be from such a place.

2. Space. This only applies to my parents house upstate and not so much my future apartment in Harlem, but space

3. My car. I missed it.

4. Public transportation. Never thought I would say that I missed the subway or Metro North, but the fact is that there is a lot of comfort in knowing that you don’t need a car to get anywhere in the area you need to go. Many times I would feel relatively isolated at school, but having so many modes of transportation really alleviates that feeling. Would also rather pay for a metro card than for gas any day.

5. Kitchen. Yes, my apartment at school had a kitchen but to be back in a REAL one with every appliance I could ask for and a dish washer and healthy food stocked in the fridge…I’m crying just thinking about it.

6. Laundry. It’s the little things, like not having to walk half a mile to the washer and dryer anymore. Thank goodness.

7. FOOD. If you know me whatsoever, you know I love food…probably a bit more so than the average person. Being deprived of good food for so long, this is one of my greatest pleasures and biggest downfall. When I come home I show absolutely no restraint and go for the good stuff: authentic Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Sushi, bodegas…you name it. Now that I’m home for good, that’s not going to fly because I am not trying to gain a post-grad 30 (yes it have heard that is real!) Sure, I can enjoy the home made cooking and thousands of restaurants the city has to offer, but I also have to keep up my workout pattern. And on that note…

8. The Gym. While I loved the gym at my school (and the eye candy) I am looking forward to going back to my home gym. One day I hope to have enough income to join an Equinox but till then, New York Sports Club is where you’ll find me!

9. Closeness. Yes it was my choice to go to an out of state school, and I do not regret it, but it will be nice to be closer in proximity to my main group of friends and family. It’s been awhile!

10. Views. Mountains, rivers, trails, swimming, beaches…these are the natural things I missed and exist in abundance in the NY Hudson Valley and out on Long Island. When I want an escape from the chaos of the city and Central Park just doesn’t cut it, there is no better place to be.

College grads…what are you looking forward to when you get back home?



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