To 25

Isn’t it nice to know everything and yet somehow nothing at all?

Youth affords a sense of entitlement, an ability to be both wildly confident and equally terrified of fate: to fail miserably, weathering catastrophic storms and seemingly irreversible damage, and then (quite brilliantly) to recover stronger than before. Resilience is a superpower, one that persists in the face of the mounting uncertainty that seems to loom over one’s mid-twenties. Or maybe its just mine.

While uncertainty so often begets fear, it seems that in my 25th year I have found the beauty in the unknown, on acting according to my desires but also knowing when to refuse, to walk away, to wait for the right fit.  There is no worry in simply not knowing – the mystery of what the future holds remaining untold, but an awareness each day I am afforded an opportunity to build, to grow, to be as I am and to ultimately become my truest self. My grandfather, a man of few words but incredible strength and wisdom, would always sign off each conversation with “carry on.” I plan to do just that.

Here’s to another year of learning, flourishing, being, evolving, fucking up and carrying on.


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