Hi, I’m (Ari)ella.

I’m a 26-year-old, New York based writer with a background in communications, entertainment, digital media and publishing. Whether I am on the road or at home in Brooklyn I love to capture the world through my own eyes in an effort to both better myself and inspire those around me.

The LIFE section of this site posts serve more as a journal, as they span a wide range of topics – at any given time I can be writing about relationships, health tips, music, social justice, food or whatever else comes to mind. My life is is more comedic then anything else, so you can at least laugh at me and maybe even relate from time to time.

The SHE section touches on issues facing millenial women (and men) in dating, sex and relationships. I hope to replace that negativity around these topics with strength, pride and power by sharing my experiences and lessons as they come. Given that men are an important part of this dynamic, I hope to provide millenial men some insight to these issues.

Feel free to reach out to me by commenting, shooting me an email at ariellagoldsmith@gmail.com, Instagram or Twitter @soellaquent. I would love to connect with you whether you are another blogger or just looking for a good discussion or healthy debate.

Ariella xo


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